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The flagship ARS Switch machine. This yard machine solves numerous issues with present machines for safety, durability and maintainability. The YM-16 is quickly becoming the industry standard for yards across the world.


The ARS team's next step in innovation, due to customer demand, yielded the "HSM-17" high speed hump yard machine. This machine is almost identical to the YM-16, but packs a faster punch. The HSM-17 is available as 12VDC or 120VDC. With a throw speed of 0.45 seconds and enough power to throw long points and welded heel blocks, there isn’t an application it won’t succeed in.


The ML-18 is the latest innovation in ARS switch machine technology. The mainline switch machine is trailable and also requires zero maintenance. The design provides unprecedented increases in the levels of safety and efficiency not addressed in present technology.