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Safety-Critical Features

The #1 priority for any railroad and/or contractor is safety, so safety-critical features easily find their way to the top of our priority list. The most notable safety features include:

  1. The center locking device utilized during installation and switch adjustments.

  2. The auto-return feature, that ensures the switch will return to the original position if an obstruction prevents it from switching to the new points. 

  3. The trail-able aspect of all of the switch machines. This means the machine can be run-through, thus preventing a derail from happening. 

The ARS Story

Advanced Rail Systems was created in 2015 after many customer requests. The ARS team has worked together for many years and under different companies. Customers have grown accustomed to the innovative solutions we provide, and desperately wanted the team to come back together to provide updated technology solutions. We agreed, and after 4 years of constant design and engineering, we have introduced brand new disruptive technology to 3 sectors of the industry: flat yards(YM-16), hump yards(HSM-17), and mainline(ML-18). There will always be new ways to increase safety and improve efficiency, and this team will continue to roll out new technology to meet ever-changing industry demands. We view our customers like extended family, so we prioritize customer service equally to the push for innovative solutions. 

More Efficient Performance

Our systems are created with efficiency in mind. From the industry's fastest throw times, to the integration of software solutions, we can custom tailor a solution for your needs.


Our yard machine(YM-16) throws in 1.2 seconds, the hump yard machine(HSM-17) throws in 0.45 seconds, and the mainline machine(ML-18) throws in 4 seconds. 

Reliable Support

We value customer satisfaction above everything else, that's why our customers ALWAYS come first. We will design and build out your projects based on your specific instructions and provide advice and/or guidance as required. During every phase of a project, your point of contact is always available to answer questions. To minimize installation issues and increase reliability, ARS tests and validates all products and systems before leaving our shop.