The ML-18 is the newest leap in innovation brought to the industry by ARS. The ML-18 resolves glaring security issues with current outdated mainline switch machine technology. The ML-18 is trailable, just like the other ARS switches, which further reduces the risk for injury and machine damage in the event of a run-through. With power supplied by the 12-volt battery system, it allows much more flexibility in using alternative charging methods and will save thousands in expensive battery systems that are currently being used.  



  • The ML-18 Provides 3,000 pounds of direct holding force to the switch point and monitors that holding force. Holding force is not detectable in traditional mainline machines. 

  • 2-rod design instead of the traditional 3-rod design. Each of the 2 rods has position detection and provides 1500 lbs. of holding force, 300 lbs over the AREMA requirement.

  • If either rod is disconnected from the switch point, the spring compression force will cause the holding force detection system to overthrow and immediately indicate that a switch is out of correspondence. The unbroken spring force will maintain a safe position, holding the point to the stock rail. 


  • The ML-18 is trailable, meaning it can be run through without damage. With previous mainline machine technology, a run through event would cause major damage to the machine, resulting in more dollars spent for repairs. 

  • The 2-rod design ensures the holding force is maintained to the points for added safety and security. 

  • Center locking feature for switch installation and any adjustments, to ensure safe interactions with the ML-18.