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The YM-16 switch machine is a key component of any yard automation project and is specifically designed as a low-profile unit for intricate yard automation systems. The system can be utilized in a multiple switch application or as a stand-alone single switch. The low-profile machine enables it to fit into extreme close clearance applications. The YM-16 can also be integrated with any switch machine processor presently in use. The flexibility of design also allows the integration of any type of protection system, PD Loops, AFO Track Circuits, Wheel/Axle Counters or whatever is preferred by the users. 

ARS can facilitate automation design and engineering from in house experts that began flat yard automation. We can also set up installation through RSTO Services.


Proven Expertise in:


Stand-alone push button, Single or multiple unit DTMF UHF/VFH radio controlled, Data Radio network for large or small scale yard applications. Indications provided audibly, with LED’s or basic target. Switch protection systems can be provided as PD Loop, Track Circuits, Wheel/Axle counters or any other protection system preferred.

  • Yard and Dark Territory automation

  • Full or partial automation of switches, derails, blue flag or approach operations

  • Software solutions for yard, derail operations, and control and monitoring of blue flag systems

  • Software solutions for car tracking and track occupancy monitoring for small or large operations 

  • Entrance/Exit routing for single to multi-switch control requirements

  • Multiple communication and control methods available, VHF/UHF, and Data Radio